SRWC welcomes hot shots

corey garriott

Break out the fire extinguishers because the hottest hands on Washburn’s campus are converging at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center.

Spontaneous combustion will be taking place all week in the SRWC gym Monday, Jan. 29 through Thursday, Feb. 1 in basketball hot shot, free throw and 3-point contests. Open competition will start at 6 p.m. and go until 5-on-5 basketball starts, roughly two or three hours.

Someone wishing to compete can go anytime during the specified hours and only has to compete one night out of the week. They can partake in any combination of the three contests, including competing in all of them.

In the hot shot competition, each competitor has one minute to take and make as many shots as possible from different point values marked on the floor. Competitors cannot take the same shot from the same point value twice in a row.

Competitors in the free throw shooting contest are not timed and will take 25 shots from the free throw line. If at least 21 shots are made, the competitor will take 25 more shots and results from both rounds will be used in determining the final standings.

The 3-point competition will consist of five different spots behind the 3-point line to shoot five balls from. There is no time limit. The first four balls from each spot are worth one point with the last ball being a bonus ball worth two points.

John Cummings, SRWC program coordinator, said men and women will compete in their own divisions. The winners of each competition will be known at the end of open competition Thursday, and the winners will receive an SRWC t-shirt.