Drink recipe:a little concoction that won’t give you a hang-over

Erin Wynkoop

In my quest for the perfect Bloody Mary, I found myself at my favorite local dive bar Goose One, where the crowd is normally sparse, but always inviting and the drinks are always strong. Sundays are Bloody Mary days at the Goose and they serve them up spicy with all the fixings for $ 2.50. The bartender gave me her special recipe for these Sunday specials. Start with 2 oz. of vodka, top shelf is preferable. Then, the zip is added with ½ an ounce of Tabasco sauce and a shake of Worcestershire sauce. Then a pinch of both celery salt and pepper is added and tomato juice is pored over and shaken up. The drink is garnished with a pickle, an olive and a lime. Ok, so I must admit, I’ve never been the biggest fan of the Bloody Mary until recently. Sure, I have taken many sips of my parents Bloody Mary’s as a child, but I have never actually sat down to enjoy one as a legal bar hopper. As I asked the locals at the bar when and where they drink these spicy concoctions, I received many mixed opinions. Daniel Corwin, 23 year old Goose regular said he “only drinks Bloody Mary’s for breakfast when he’s camping,” and describes the taste as a “spicy V-8 spiked with vodka.” My opinion of the Bloody Mary has changed a bit since my experience at the Goose. The zesty tang of the Goose’s Bloody Marys is much different from the sips of my childhood and worth every penny. Plus, rumor has it around the bar, that these drinks won’t give you one of those killer hang-overs in the morning.