Debate: Intelligent design in public schools – Part 1

Brian Holloway

Reading the article about the author of the intelligent design theory made me chuckle. While the whole debate is laughable, the biggest proponents against evolution of any kind are the ones who come across as the most ignorant.

?Take Phillip Johnson for example- his statement that “There is no evidence that (Finches) change from one species to another” is one that any person educated in evolutionary science is already well aware of, and is actually a perfect example of the same fact that this same person also knows – Creationism and evolution are not mutually exclusive.

?That’s right. The theory of evolution is based upon observable evidence gathered from the world around us.

?It does not state that finches will turn into zebras or camels or that monkeys turned into men. Evolutionary theory merely accounts for observable, tangible evidence and translates this evidence into the most logical explanation possible based on not only said evidence, but also any other observable evidence available.

?This is the basis of science – logical ideas based upon observation. Few scientific ideas are set in stone, if any at all. An idea is accepted if there is enough proof that logic leads an individual to that conclusion; upon presentation of better evidence, the theory will change to incorporate it. Ask any scientific scholar about changes in ideas and they will tell you just how many things have changed in their respective field of study during their lifetime.

?This is the reason why there are no laws in science – the ideas with the strongest support are theories, and these theories are just as susceptible to change as any other idea.

?From a scientific point of view, the theory of evolution is the best theory to explain the data available. While there have been experiments conducted to show that many basic molecules involved in life processes can occur under a particular set of circumstances in nature, science does not try to theorize as to the makings of the essence of life itself.

?The reason? There is no observable evidence with which a claim can be supported. Since there is no evidence, no claim is asserted. Simple enough. I myself am a science student and subscribe to the theory of evolution as a means of change over time, but I also believe in God and have religious faith. There are people that put their faith solely into science and what can be tangibly observed; that is their choice.

?However, those people are closing themselves off to a school of thought that they do not agree with, just as many of the “Intelligent Design” proponents have done concerning evolutionary theory. If ironclad proof were to appear tomorrow that a spiritual deity did indeed create the cosmos, science would accept it as the new standard of proof.

?For Mr. Johnson to say that students being taught evolutionary theory are not learning science properly is absolutely ridiculous. Science is based upon open-mindedness, a trait that many of the loudest supporters of only creationism lack. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy letting my faith be the sunrise on my scientific horizon.