Society: Hell in a handbasket

Michael Haze

American ideals, trying to hold water in the cups of your hands.

As a concerned American, I have noticed many things in American society that are alarming. I have real fears about my children and my children’s children growing up in America, or at least the America I thought existed and was confident in. I’ll chalk that up to getting older.

Our government seems to be more interested in the health and well-being of other nations around the world while ignoring the trouble here at home. I guess if you just ignore a problem, it will go away.

American ideal No. 1: We as Americans have to realize that we are saving these people on their terms – they don’t understand our terms. They take things very seriously – our words and actions dictate their response, and we as Americans don’t always say or do the right thing.

What does this mean? I don’t know, but you have to ask yourself a question: Would America still be America if someone had interfered in our Civil War? Everything in America is geared around our government and our elected officials. I fear that we sometimes take a lackadaisical approach to this.

American idea No. 2: Our current government has shipped more than a million jobs out of this country and more are going if we stand by and let it happen. You can’t raise a family flipping burgers at the golden arches or hanging clothes made in China at mall racks. Our government instead says, “get some education, you fat, lazy American.”

American ideal No. 3: Thanks to those inspiring words, where will this new found well spring of acquired knowledge take me – the Middle East? Russia? South America? Antartica? All the glamorous spots around the globe? I’ll just stay here at home in America and get a job in corporate America, if I can find one, and steal wealth from my less fortunate Americans. No one will notice. No one will care. I’m not accountable – I’m management.

American ideal No. 4: I heard someone say once that Unions are the cause of all our troubles. My response to this – How can any group of people trying to make things better here at home for the less fortunate be a problem?

See the book. Read the words. We are all accountable and we are all part of management.

Michael Haze

Facilities Services