Multicultural office coming to the Memorial Union

In with the new: A new multicultural office will be taking over an office in the Underground. The office currently belongs to Student Involvement and Development, which will then share an office with scheduling in the Memorial Union.

Matthew L. Self, Review Editor in Chief

In response to requests from the student body, a new space is being created in the student union for a multicultural resources center. This new area will be located in the underground next to the Student Media center and the WSGA office and it will focus on helping diverse students connect in a safe setting.

This past semester, a group of student volunteers stepped forward with ideas for this new space and offered to help with its design and construction. Since then, the multicultural office has been on hold as funds and room for it are being secured but, as the Vice President of Student Life Eric Grospitch explained, the team is expecting the new office to be in place by next spring.

“We have a great group of student volunteers who stepped forward in March who said we needed this new space. Shortly thereafter we really dug into what were the best options that gave us access to the necessary resources,” Grospitch said. “When we looked at the map of campus, no one was willing to give up any room to build this office. Space on campus is like gold.”

Grospitch and the others dedicated to this project hope to have a temporary space set up for the upcoming fall semester. They will not have a more definitive answer to the question of this new office until the next Washburn Board of Regents meeting in September. Funding will need to be secured for the multicultural office in order for construction to begin.

Grospitch went on to explain that this new office would be a great addition to campus life.

“I think many students of color think they will be able to connect with each other there. They will be able to see what else is going on with Washburn. When students are looking for groups to get involved with, this new office will give us this opportunity,” Grospitch said. “It’s all about inclusion.”

Other faculty on campus including Jessica Barraclough, head of student involvement, have been involved with these new developments. Along with Grospitch and the student volunteers, the multicultural office will be up and running in no time.

Edited by Abbie Barth and Adam White