Students shouldn’t sue

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Four high school students have recently filed a lawsuit against the popular tool that helps professors and high school teachers catch students who plagiarize their work.

The students, most of them straight-A students, copyrighted their papers and then asked that not to publish them when the teachers checked for plagiarism. However, did.

The program is used by universities and high schools nationwide and does nothing with the papers except check them against other papers.

As straight-A students, it seems to us that these students would recognize the importance of the program and allow their papers to be used. However, the students are arguing that they would never be one to plagiarize so they shouldn’t be checked.

Well here is a reality check: even the smartest kids do stupid things sometimes.

The only thing we don’t agree with when it comes to is that they do make a profit on it and would probably serve the educational community better as a non-profit business.

However, the students aren’t justified in their lawsuit. They did this as a media ploy – why else would someone copyright one of their high school papers?