‘Figuratively Speaking’ a compelling show

Melissa Treolo

“Figuratively Speaking,” an exhibit featuring the human figure in all its naked form, is the first of its kind in Topeka, insists Gary Blitsch, Framewoods and Southwind Gallery owner.

“I haven’t heard of anything going on like this in Topeka,” said Blitsch.

The pieces are comprised of mostly oils, watercolors and sketchings of the human body. The oil and watercolor paintings are vibrant with color and are mostly of men and women in various attitudes of contemplation and repose. They are detailed. So detailed, in fact, that a visit to the gallery will be needed if one wants to actually see them – though beautiful and compelling, they aren’t necessarily suitable for this publication.

The sketchings are a bit more impressionistic. They are mostly done in outline form, leaving more to the imagination. The detail of these pieces is in the simple charcoal or pencil strokes – bold, black and rather mesmerizing.

Highlighted artists, such as Bob Holloway, Maryann Askew and Ernst Ulmer, are well known to the Kansas art community. Though “Figuratively Speaking” is the first, Blitsch believes the work and caliber of artistry included will not make it the last.

“We’re hoping,” said Blitsch.

“Figuratively Speaking” will be running through April 20. Framewoods and Southwind Gallery is located at 3074 S.W. 29th St.