Ichabod football team hosts first-ever Pro Days

Nathan Miller

They say you don’t know the power of a recruiting class until they’re seniors. The class of 2005-2006 for Washburn football was better than ever before, bringing in NFL scouts across the country for Pro Days for the first time in Washburn history, March 26.

“The neat thing from our standpoint is all these guys have been in our program for three, four or five years,” said Craig Schurig, Washburn head football coach. “It says a lot about where our program is heading with the type of guys we are recruiting and then the type of program we have. If the guy really wants to work and has the ambition then he can achieve the highest level by doing the things they are asked to do here.”

NFL scouts watched Trey Lewis, defensive lineman, Fletcher Terrell, defensive back, Sam Sissom, wide receiver, and Trent Hearn, running back, show off their stuff. The group of seniors was tested on bench, vertical, 40-yard dash and other skills.

Generating the most interest out of the scouts and previous visits has been Lewis. According to Schurig, Lewis could be picked anywhere from the 4th round to the 6th in the NFL Draft from what he has heard from several scouts.

“When you have competition for a guy you’re more likely to get drafted,” said Schurig. “So he is definitely in a position of need and he’s the type of young man that in their program is going to be positive for them.”

Next in line is Terrell, who is most likely to be selected as a free agent which, according to Schurig, is in his best interest.

“Fletcher seems to be getting quite a bit of attention,” said Schurig. “It seems that he will be a free agent which is also very good because you get to choose which team you get to go to if you have multiple offers.”

Finally, Sissom and Hearn are hoping to generate enough interest to get into a camp.

“If they get invited to a camp right out of college they know they have a chance,” said Schurig. “Usually if they give it a good three years, and in particular, if they get invited back or they try you at a position on an NFL Europe team, those are all positive strides. That’s what I’m familiar with.”

The Bods also participated in Junior Timing Day on March 26. Pro scouts timed junior NFL prospects in the 40-yard dash, vertical and other various measurements. This took place after they watched film for a period of time to verify that the juniors were potential prospects.

The information taken will be shared with the entire NFL unlike Pro Day, in which the information is for a specific team’s draft day and free agent choices. Apparently, the scouts were impressed by what they saw as they will come back next fall to watch Jake Lebahn, wide receiver, Ra’Shawn Mosley, running back, Jeff Rickard, offensive lineman, and Carry Williams, defensive back.

“Hopefully it’s something that motivates them a little bit,” said Schurig. “I think the guys last year saw it as a motivation and gives them that extra reason to work out hard in the summer because now they’re in competition, not only for our team, but all the other college players out there trying to get their attention.”