Addictive soundtrack makes skip button unnecessary

Emily Bearg

Every once in awhile a movie soundtrack comes along and becomes the number one played album on your iTunes – not only because it reminds you of the movie, but also because the music feels like it could be the soundtrack of your own life.

“Marie Antoinette” sported some great music by The Strokes, The Radio Dept., New Order, Windsor for Derby and The Cure. The amazingly addictive two-disc soundtrack is definitely my favorite indie album right now.

The first disc is mostly upbeat, well-known tracks like “What Ever Happened” and even a remix of “I Want Candy,” but my favorites are New Order’s “Ceremony” and “Natural’s Not In It” by Gang of Four. Unlike almost every other soundtrack, you don’t have to push the skip button to skip a song you positively despise, and that’s refreshing in itself.

Although the second disc is mostly instrumental tracks, “Keen on Boys” by The Radio Dept. and a remix of “Fools Rush In” still give great flashbacks of the movie. “All Cats Are Grey” by The Cure and “Avril 14th” are great instrumental tracks that add to the feel of the rest of the soundtrack without taking away from the upbeat feel of the first disc.

Simply put, this soundtrack is the best. Even if you’ve never seen the movie or aren’t an indie rock fan, I think just about anyone can get something out of this soundtrack, whether it be a good laugh listening to “I Want Candy” or a feeling of connection to Marie Antoinette because she’s less than perfect in “I Don’t Like It Like This.”