Keeping the extra quarter: Soda costs less

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After hauling $300 worth of books to and from Financial Aid and the Business Office, we needed a cold drink. We went to the vending machine for the wonderful, sugary, caffeine goodness that Pepsi brings us. When we came upon the Pepsi machine, we had a pleasant surprise. The bottles in the machine only cost us a dollar.

A single dollar.

It was the bright spot in an otherwise muggy, frustrating day.

Last semester, we wrote about Pepsi bumping everything up a quarter. We weren’t terribly pleased about this.

However, neither were the students who aren’t on the paper. Several students were upset by the price increase.

Admittedly, maybe we were a little harsh on the executives of Pepsi, which might have been a little unfair. It’s just that, when you consider the attempts to squeeze every last dime out of caffeine addicted college students, we just found it frustrating. Maybe we just haven’t had enough caffeine yet today.

To be honest, we’re glad there are so many options in many of the vending machines, particularly all of the “smart choices” that are now offered.

As well, it is supposed to be 92 degrees today and the rest of the week. At least we here on the Review editorial board appreciate the contract change to allow for the single dollar soda transaction. Nothing is quite so satisfying as that.

We don’t know all the details of the contract change, what we do know is that we don’t have to carry around a roll of quarters in our backpack along with that 4 pound economics book.