Flag football tournament to benefit Service for Sight

Fans who insult the vision of referees will appreciate where Delta Gamma donates the money raised by its Anchor Bash flag football tournament.

The tournament, which is 3-5 p.m. Saturday at the Washburn football practice fields, is the sorority’s way of raising money for Service for Sight.

“The money we raise will go to Service for Sight, which helps visually impaired people by giving them things like old glasses,” said Jayme Hanrahan, a Delta Gamma member in charge of organizing Anchor Bash.

Grants given to different organizations have helped raise more than $2 million through the sorority’s Foundation. Money is also raised through philanthropy events, like the football tournament, and collecting General Mills Box Tops and Campbell’s Soup labels. That money has been spent on genetic research, Braille books and the creation of programs that help improve vision. Players who pay the tournament’s $8 entry fee not only help these organizations but also get the chance to compete for prizes.

“For the winners, we have gift cards to Target, Best Buy and Dick’s,” said Hanrahan. “Men and women will have separate divisions and we’re hoping for at least four teams so we can set up brackets.”

The prizes are a big enough incentive that Hanrahan thinks the competition will be fierce.

“The games will be four on four,” said Hanrahan. “But you can have up to seven on a team in case someone gets their ankle broken.”