Delta Chi colony working toward acquiring charter, chapter house

Band of Brothers Colonized in 2005, Delta Chi is hoping to establish itslef on campus by becoming chartered in the near future.

Marian Lacey

The men of Delta Chi, a Washburn University Fraternity, have been working on getting chartered and acquiring a chapter house. Delta Chi is Washburn’s newest fraternity, having only been colonized in the fall of 2005.

Once chartered, Delta Chi would go from being a colony to an actual fraternity on campus. Becoming chartered is a very long process that requires them long process that requires them to fill out a 40-50 page application. This application looks at such aspects as financials, social events being conducted, philanthropy events and community service hours and requires recommendations from the Student Life office.

“We’re putting together an application and we’re hoping to get chartered this semester,” said Patrick Muenks, Delta Chi president. “It’s nothing in concrete yet, but we are extremely optimistic.” Some men from Delta Chi have gotten together and are now living in a house off campus. This house near 17th and Mulvane, is not an official fraternity house.

“Because there are Delta Chis living there as a group and people are perceiving it as a Delta Chi house, we govern it with our Risk Management Policy,” said Muenks. “We make sure to keep in check of things that are going on there so we are not put at risk as a fraternity.”

To get an actual fraternity house it can cost anywhere from $100,000 to $500,000. This process consists of establishing a housing fund, fundraising and getting donations from alumni. Muenks said it will take approximately three to five years before they have adequate funds to seriously look at purchasing a piece of property.