Football student section has terrible sportsmanship

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Football games could be awesome. Almost like a battlefield, we could watch the Ichabod warriors step out onto the field and proceed to demolish the other team. The students, staff and faculty could cheer them on to new heights as they take over the MIAA Division II universe.

Instead, we get to watch a bunch of drunk bros in flip flops and backward visors yell obscenities at not only the opposing team, but our team.

Sure, we understand wanting to have a little fun heckling the other players. Since the inception of the spectator sport, there has been spectator heckling. Making fun of the batter is a ritual in baseball that can never be replaced.

However, there is something to be said for keeping your remarks somewhat in check.

For example, talking about an opposing player’s throw could have been better if done by one’s grandma is a good idea. Telling coaches that you had intimate relations with their mother last night and she wasn’t very good is a bad idea.

A good idea is cheering when your team makes a touchdown and booing when the opposing team makes a touchdown. A bad idea is coming to the game so drunk you think it’s a good idea to climb over the fence and talk to the opposing team’s cheerleaders. No, they don’t think you’re cool, you’re just the dumb drunk guy that managed to flip himself over the fence.

Another good idea is ignoring the photographers who are there to document the game. A bad idea is being belligerent to the photographers, who have nothing to do with the game, and therefore, there is no reason for one to taunt them.

Overall, we’re just asking Washburn to have some manners. The student section is right next to the opposing team’s section, so when we yell things that most would consider obscene, it reflects poorly upon Washburn students.

Also, part of the wonderful charm of proper heckling is creativity. Telling someone his girlfriend is something other than a fine, upstanding member of society isn’t very creative. Keep thinking, hecklers.

It is important to refrain from making racist and sexist comments toward the players, coaches and staff. That crosses the line into dangerous territory.

Be creative, have fun, but most of all, remember some small bit of respect. For yourselves and the players.