‘Get to the Orange Door’ early access review

Nick Solomon

In my search for another new fun and violent first person shooter, I happened upon early access title “Get to the Orange Door” on Steam. Developed by Andrew Smith, and releasing for 15 bucks with relative acclaim over the internet, I figured I’d give it a spin.

The basic gist of the game is you are supposed to get to a titular orange door, killing neon orange block enemies on the way. It sounds simple, but the movement system, as well as the weapons, modes and soundtrack is what make it so much fun.

You are given a titanfall-esque wall running system, as well as, and I especially love this, a FEAR/Max Payne type slow motion system, with 20+ guns to pick up. Handguns, rocket launchers, shotguns and most importantly a chaingun among others. The game also possesses a great soundtrack, done by Beasauce and ID:null that scratch that synth itch that the game is going for visually. It is a simplistic yet beautiful neon tron-esque 80s vibe.

While very slim on content as of now, you are given 3 main modes to play, overhaul, arena and quickplay. In overhaul you are put into a single course/corridor, having to run through one medium sized course until you get to the orange door, with enemies to distract you. This is fun in short bursts, but it also keeps you playing thanks to load out cards that you unlock as you go, giving you a set of weapons and a special ability. One will give you an assault rifle and black hole grenades (sucking in enemies and killing them) and one, my personal favorite called “Glass Cannon” will give you a shotgun and a cluster grenade, but making your death much quicker, or one with an “orange juice” consumable, making you even faster and adrenaline fueled, sort of like Statham’s Chev in ‘Crank’, or Henry from ‘Hardcore Henry.’

Quickplay is sort of like overhaul, a same set of areas replayed endlessly. Instead of being a single track though, it’s a set of different arenas to play through, the goal is to kill all the enemies that spawn.  Then there is arena, a survival type mode that pits you in a single arena to kill enemies that spawn in. This mode is objectively the best one for entering the game, giving you the opportunity to test out different abilities, and play around with everything. To my tiny bit of annoyance though, enemies only drop basic weapons, having you get things like the previously mentioned chaingun or a double barrel boomstick through console commands.

Overall, recommending this game all comes down to what the person wants. It is early access, and incredibly slim on content. I don’t know if this will cause Smith trouble, but some of the weapon models are ripped straight from ‘Titanfall 2’, but in my opinion the $15 price tag is worth it. If that doesn’t matter to you, and you’re a fan of skill based Doom-like shooters, I can 100% recommend this game to you.

Edited by Adam White, Abbie Barth.