The Perfect Party educates new students

Bottoms up: The bartender teaches attendees how to pour the perfect shot. The Perfect Party was the main Wednesday welcome week event. 

Alyssa Storm , Washburn Review Editor in Chief

The Perfect Party was an hour of fun, games, food and education about how to party safely while you’re in college. 

Perfect Party took place at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 21 in the A/B room in the Memorial Union. SOCS, campus police and panhellenic members were at different stations around the room helping to educate students about safety on campus, alcohol and sexual violence, safe sex, imformation about sexual diseases and drinking laws and regulations. 

Hannah Alleyne, a junior majoring in history, has attended this event in the past. She enjoys how informational and fun all of the volunteers make it.

“It’s a good way to teach safety and fun, not just for the first year students, but everyone,” said Alleyne. 

WUPO was at the event to educate students on how alcohol effects you and how it impairs your bodily functions while under the influence. They made posters and flyers educating students on the consequences you could endure if you get caught drinking, or even intoxicated, by the police. WUPO also had drunk goggles for students to put on and try to walk on a straight tape line. Many students took part in this activity and many said how interesting it was to try and walk with the goggles on. 

Gabriela Gonzalez, freshman nursing major, thought it was crazy how easy it is for someone to drug your drink or how trusting people are to take drinks from complete strangers. As a freshman, she didn’t know what the perfect party was going to be like, but she thought it was a cool way to get educated. 

“It’s crazy how many people are educated on campus and how willing they are to educate others,” said Gonzalez.  

The students not only got informed about the risks of drinking, unprotected sex and violence, they got to do activities and games to help them learn how to party safely. The life size game of cup pong was a hit and students got to estimate how much a shot was and learned about the alcohol percentages of liquor and their limits. The dancing, music and food was a perfect way to finish the party. If you were lucky, you even got “drugged” which meant that someone “tampered” with your drink and your straw would change color. 

For Destiny Pulliam, a freshman whose major is undeclared, this was one of her favorite parts of the night. 

“I got drugged,” Pulliam said. “It was very interesting. It was just another way tonight helped us learn to stay safe at parties.” 

Kaleb Young, a freshman sports management major, enjoyed the informational aspect as well as the social side of it. 

“It was fun and informational. It was a nice way to get to know people and spread the information,” said Young. 

The party you may attend might not always end perfectly, but with the help of everyone who volunteered their time and money, it showed people how to make any party the perfect party.

Edited by Adam White, Jason Morrison