Washburn looks to Bulldog Truman State at Yager Stadium

Rule of three WU running back Ra’Shawn Mosely, No. 3, racked up 62 yards on 13 carries with a touchdown last year at Washburn’s homecoming against Emporia, a 37-6 annihilation of the Hornets. Mosely has 124 carries for 721 yards and seven touchdowns this year.

Nathan Miller

If the season were to end today, the Bods would be on the outside looking in.

The Bods were ranked No. 7 in the first NCAA Southwest Regional poll of the season this past week, the top six of which advance to the playoffs.

“We are in a good position,” said Craig Schurig, head coach. “It is too early to really mean anything but you want be in position where you have a chance and we are in the running. Obviously you have to take care of business and win some games. Each week that will change but as long as you win, you will move up that ladder.”

The Bods will hope to move up the ladder this Saturday with a win against the Truman State Bulldogs. The Bulldogs got the better of the Bods last year 21-7 in a dreary, weather-plagued contest that included six second half turnovers by the Bods.

“Last year, was probably the worst football game I’ve ever played in, with the weather and just everything about it,” said Jarod Tetuan, senior free safety. “The defense was on the field the whole second half.

“Truman, not to put them down, because they’re a good team, but we shouldn’t have ever lost to them and hopefully we will shut them out and put them away quick this time around.”

The Bods hope the turnover ratio goes there way this year. As the Bulldogs offense centered around junior quarterback Matt Ticich, he ranks second in total passing offense in the MIAA.

“For us, no matter who we play, we want to stop the run first,” said Tetuan. “We want to make them pass, and that’s where we get most of our turnovers.”

The Bods have forced 11 interceptions so far this year. Ticich, however has only thrown two all year on 233 attempts.

“They’re efficient at what they do,” said Schurig. “Hopefully we get enough balls that are tipped or separate the receivers from enough of them that we get fumbles and interceptions. When a team throws the ball a lot they’re going to get yards, but hopefully you create some turnovers, sacks, fumbles and big hits. That is what we will stress.”

The Bulldogs rank second to last in total rushing offense, averaging 125 yards a game on the ground. Last year’s weather conditions, however, forced the Bulldogs to gain 151 of their 165 yards of total offense on the ground. But Schurig explains the Bods are focused on the present not the past.

“This game will more have to do with that it’s an important game,” said Schurig. “We try not to think too much about what happened last year because each team is different. But it will be an important game in our schedule because if we want any chance of playing on we have to win.”

The win or stay home mentality, Tetuan explains, has the Bods focused on taking care of business.

“We have always been a real laid back team, but when it comes down to game time and practice, we get the job done,” said Tetuan. “It’s all business from here on out. We have to win out and every practice has become intense.”

The Bods hope the intensity pays off this homecoming weekend.

“Usually homecoming is neat because we get players to come back since we’ve taken over to see the program,” said Schurig. “They are taking time out of their busy schedules to come and watch. It kind of makes you feel that we need to show them what we have. Hopefully we do.

“You want to have a good show on homecoming because you’re proud of what you have and we want to show everybody that we are a good football team.”