Students bitten by Halloween spirit


Beyond the traditional trick-or-treating scene, Washburn students have found various ways to celebrate this time of year. Halloween was perhaps more spook-tacular for some than others.

The people who think of Halloween as a major holiday went all out. Lori Vega, a senior at Washburn, spent around $150 at Halloween Express. She described Halloween as her favorite celebration.

“Saturday, I worked at a party and I was a Greek goddess,” said Vega. “[Halloween night,] I am working at another party as a regal princess.”

Melissa Rice purchased a Batgirl costume, but found herself working Halloween night as well.

The 31st falling on a Wednesday may have caused the festivities to be somewhat scattered schedule-wise. Jessica Merkel, who dressed up as a policewoman, said that Halloween in the middle of the week had an effect on parties and celebrating in general.

“I think there is less emphasis on the actual holiday and more on the weekend, the pre-weekend and the post-weekend of Halloween,” said Merkel.

This seemed to be the consensus, despite a few evening classes being canceled to accommodate. It worked for senior Ana Perez, who attended a party the weekend before wearing a costume that was not her first choice.

“I couldn’t find the one that I liked,” said Perez. “I wanted to be Catwoman.”

Another popular attraction was the pumpkin-carving contest sponsored by the American Medical Student Association. Its vice president of public relations, sophomore Lacey Bryant, attended the event.

“With the help of the Washburn Education Association, there was music, Papa John’s pizza, games, crafts, face painting and more,” said Bryant.