Some food for thought

Josh Rouse

This month the Argo is focusing on some fine eateries in Topeka that feature dining from across the world. We wanted to showcase the exotic side of Topeka and the delicacies to devour here.

The double-page spread is dedicated to travel and trying new foods. The editors-in-chief of Washburn’s two student publications, the Review and the Kaw, come together to share their experiences from abroad as they both traveled during spring break. ReAnne Utemark, our editor, traveled to Dubai, while Melissa Treolo, editor of the Kaw, headed to New York for a conference. Both will share stories from their travels as well as divulge about the dining in those areas.

As always, we continue to bring various entertainment news from around campus and the city, and we have some interesting stories this week. Melissa will look at a newly-released DVD, and I will review the blockbuster hit “Semi Pro” that is in theaters now. We will also update you about the Ellie Wonnell concert in Silver Lake.

All in all, I think this is going to be a good Argo, and I hope you all take something from it. After spending spring break in a happening place, coming home to Topeka can be bland. This is our attempt to prove there is more to this town than bowling and putt putt. We have culture, too. Even in North Topeka!