Dog days of summer spayed

Josh Rouse

Is it just me, or is summer getting shorter every year? It seems like the older we get, the phrase “summer vacation” becomes more laughable.

Let’s face it, as adults we now have year long responsibilities to face. These could include summer school, working two or three jobs to pay for school/gas/food/living expenses, or putting together an arts and entertainment magazine to keep students informed.

Whatever poison you chose, it’s clear that the days of lounging about all day and going on week long vacations has long since past. So how can we, as college students, still enjoy this three-month period of tornados, scorching heat and intense allergies?

This edition of the Argo will cover this question to a “T” by showing the multiple avenues of entertainment right here in the capital city.

Some of these topics include ways to beat the heat, such as using the gym at Garfield Park and the ever popular movie theaters.

To those a little more reptilian than the average person, there are also plenty of ways to enjoy the heat of the summer, such as golfing and fishing spots located near campus. We will also take a look at what local churches are doing during the summer to keep the youth active.

Camping is a big part of summer for many, and with camping comes grilling. We feature a fantastic catfish recipe that will make your mouth salivate, as well as the basics of grilling for beginners.

Also, as part of our end of summer theme, if you have any great photos you’ve taken over the summer, send them to my e-mail address listed below and we will post them on the Web site for the whole world to see.