Rocky Mountain air makes it easy to breathe in this new band

Deana Smith

Everyone who really appreciates music wants to find the next big thing before they “sellout.”

As for me, I just like music: new, old and in many varieties. For those who really like Indie music or just want something new to add to your collection though, I would highly recommend Breath Carolina, a band I found while meandering about the intra-web, and whose MySpace I now visit regularly because their first album isn’t even in stores yet (yes, I meant brand new).

This duo from Denver offers a unique blend of Electronica/Screamo, which has catchy vocals and screams set to melodic electric keyboards and synthetic drum beats. Now, I know this doesn’t immediately sound like the makes for a winner to some people, but I found this music very satisfying, and trust me, it is hard to completely win me over (when it comes to music, that is).

Some would consider this debut effort slightly too “pop-like.” I, however, disagree and argue that this band’s song lyrics, which are interesting and sly with their meaning, even when they are being direct, make it worth at least checking out. At the very least you will be able to say you knew about them before they where big.

For a sneak peek, or listen rather, at Breath Carolina’s first album, visit their MySpace page at

If you like and/or love what you hear, don’t forget to snag their “brand new band smell” debut due to hit the stores September 16, 2008.