Sororities recruit new members

Looking for a sign (left to right) Matt Peterson, Blake Bryant, Phil Anderson, Nathan Ansley and A.J. Furneaux, members of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, showed up to cheer on new sorority recruits as they run to find out what house they will be a part of.

Kendra Ward

Sorority recruitment was last week and with the many people involved and the changes made, the turnout was high.

This year the Recruitment Panel concentrated more on public relations to make the week more known. Last year’s Entertainment Night was replaced with Go Greek, a night to show what it means to be a part of the Greek Community and was held in Memorial Union on Tuesday. Wednesday was House Tours Night, where the recruits were given tours of each house at Washburn.

Thursday was Philanthropy Night, which is dedicated to showing potential recruits the organizations that each chapter is involved with, including Breast Cancer Awareness and Court Appointed Special Advocates, or CASA. Preference Night, Friday, provided girls an opportunity to learn more about the values of each chapter, and on Saturday recruits decided what sorority they wanted to be associated with.

According to Kristen Wold, recruitment chair, this year the events were more catered to people with busy schedules. Wold is also a staff photographer for the Washburn Review. If students were late, they were still able to visit the houses they had missed because extra time was built into the schedule.

Danielle Hunter, one of nine sorority recruitment counselors, was in charge of taking a recruitment group to each of the different houses to show them the different chapters, but could not tell them what chapter she was affiliated with.

“We want to be very unbiased so they don’t feel we are pressuring our chapter onto them,” said Hunter.

Recruitment was more focused on appealing not only to freshmen, but also to upperclassmen as opposed to previous years. Wold said that more girls participated in the events last week than last year.

“One of the important things that’s going on in the Greek community is that we are trying to make changes in the community and Washburn,” said Wold. “I hope that’s something that people are beginning to notice.”

Hannah Clark, another recruitment counselor, said that in addition to providing leadership opportunities and ways to get involved in the community, sororities provide a way for girls to make lifelong friends.

“Sisterhood is the best part about it,” said Clark.