Ichabod volleyball sweeps Fort Hays State

Alyssa Storm , Washburn Review Editor in Chief

The Washburn University Ichabods, with a record of 9-0, started their weekend of volleyball by playing their first MIAA match against the Fort Hays State University Tigers who have a record of 3-6. Washburn ended on top going 3-0 on the sets for the night.

Washburn began their night winning the first set 25-17. Taylor Antonowich starts the winning night off with 4 kills. Genna Berg also had 3 hits to be the top hitters for the set. The game winning point was a kill by Erica Montgomery, keeping the energy high as they go into the second set.

The Ichabods had a slow start on the second set. In the early points, Coach Herron challenges a close tip call that gets ruled as a point for FHSU. Faith Rottingaus had one dig and one ace. Sydney Fitsgibbons was a force to be reckoned with, coming off of the bench and getting 1 block and 4 kills. Tigers had the lead until they tie at 24. Fitsgibbons finishes the game at 26-24 with a kill, keeping the momentum with the Ichabods leading them into their last set.

Playing the third set was no different than the others. The Ichabods carried their energy throughout the whole night to finish it in their favor. Kelsey Gordon had 4 kills during this set, two of which were consecutive. Faith Rottingaus’s determination to let nothing hit the floor moved to the second set and gave her back to back digs that thrilled not only the team, but everyone in the gym.

Friday night ended with a 3-0 against Fort Hays, giving them positive energy for their game against Kearney Saturday.

Edited by Jessica Galvin, Adam White, Brianna Smith