Arts relieve stress on campus

Josh Rouse

With only about a month to go until the semester is finished, many students are feeling the strain and stress of finals.

It’s important during these arduous times to do something relaxing and take breaks from long study sessions. One of the most relaxing techniques, at least for me, is to enjoy some of the fine arts around campus.

This week, there have been many concerts to enjoy, nearly one every night. Mulvane Art Museum also offers an array of art pieces to view, which can also be soothing to the soul and mind.

The theater department is offering a fine production of “Bus Stop,” which allows patrons a chance to spend some time to get away from reality and see some great young actors and actresses perform their hearts out.

Several new CDs also came out recently, and they can allow an escape for music lovers. Many of them are older bands who are releasing their first new album in years, so it’s exciting to see how they will sound after years in exile.

This Argo will feature some of the big events that took place last week on campus, so you can see how fellow students alleviated their stress and enjoyed themselves. Some of the events include the Megan Conner concert (pictured on the cover) and the symphony orchestra concert.

The art page will focus on some upcoming events at Mulvane and a class that combines art and wellness.

We will also preview some of the movies that are in theaters this week, just another way to relieve stress through the arts.