Day of transformation approaches for students

Lauren Eckert

Students recently completing the required Transformational Experience, either this past semester or during the summer, are preparing to present their projects at an open forum to be held in Mabee Library on Nov. 20. The public forum is an event to showcase each student’s project and the activities that led to the completion of the various experiences.

Donna LaLonde, Dean of Honors and Director of the Center for Undergraduate Studies and Programs, is coordinating the event.

“In addition to being a celebration and an opportunity for discussion,” said LaLonde, “we believe this is an excellent opportunity for students to learn what types of activities are possible and to ask questions of their peers.”

The Washburn Transformational Experience presentation is meant to demonstrate not only what students did, but also what students learned and how their experiences affected them.

Students will present their projects through oral or poster presentations, following the welcome at 10:20 a.m. Presentations will be given throughout the day until 4 p.m. Guests and presenters are encouraged to attend the reception after the forum to celebrate the achievements of all participants.

All students interested in participating in the Day of Transformation first had to consult with their mentors regarding the information that was to be submitted, and they had to complete the online registration form by Thursday, Nov. 6. Requests submited after this deadline were not accepted because of scheduling.

Robin Bowen, vice president for Academic Affairs, is among many faculty members encouraging the public to attend the Day of Transformation and support Washburn students as they share their experiences and accomplishments on campus, in the local community and abroad.

“The primary goal of the day is to celebrate the incredible accomplishments of the students who have completed WTEs,” said LaLonde.

All students, faculty, staff and community members are encouraged to stop by Mabee Library on Nov. 20 to support the presenters’ endeavors to share their experiences with the public.