‘Breaking Dawn’ provides closure to Twilight series

Kendra Ward

“Breaking Dawn” by Stephanie Meyer is the fourth book in the Twilight saga. The books follow the story of Bella, a normal girl who moves to dreary Forks, Wash. to live with her father. She discovers her crush, Edward Cullen, is a vampire. Edward and Bella start dating and she gets into all types of crazy vampire shenanigans.


At the beginning of the fourth book, Edward finally convinces Bella they should have a traditional wedding and a romantic honeymoon in exchange for transforming Bella into a vampire. Bella gets a little excited during the honeymoon and wants to do normal honeymoon things-only with a vampire. Odd, violent and censored sex ensues.

Enter Bella’s best friend Jacob, a werewolf whose sworn enemy is the vampire. He was right by Bella’s side all through the pain of Edward’s absence in “New Moon” and is the narrator for the middle portion of “Breaking Dawn.” His narration for the final book wasn’t a surprise since the epilogue of “Eclipse” was from Jacob’s point of view. The narration then switches back to Bella for the remainder of the book right before there is another large vampire/werewolf showdown.

Some fans claim that Meyer isn’t being faithful to her characters, but I think she does just as a good job as the other books. And I have a feeling that if a vampire ever had sex with a human, it would turn out just as it did in the book. I appreciated Jacob’s narration, although I wanted to get right back to Bella as soon as possible. I completely understand why I had to read the story through Jacob for that part. I don’t see how else it could have been done.

This book was the best in the series. Am I allowed to call it a series or does it have to be called a “saga” because it’s about fancy vampires? Like all of the books, Meyer drags out plot ideas for a long time and if the reader is paying any kind of attention, then there really is no suspense.

“Breaking Dawn” was a good ending to the saga. It ended the only way it really could have, but I definitely enjoyed it the most out of the four.