Opinion: Music is a fantastic theme for homecoming

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Adam White

Music is a fantastic theme for homecoming. The huge variety of music genres makes it a universally appreciated and relatable theme. As long as an individual is allowed to freely explore their musical tastes, nearly everyone can say they genuinely enjoy some form of music from this artist or that artist.

Growing up, music was forced upon me by the institutions of my parent’s church and my elementary school music class. Once I became a teenager however, I realized that music does not have to be some corny Halloween or Christmas song, or some outdated hymn. Personally, I prefer to listen to the various sub-genres of electronic dance music, or EDM, but I am still able to see the value in other forms of music as well.

As college students, we all come from a wide variety of backgrounds and I’m sure nearly every single music genre is represented by someone’s interests on campus. This allows for music to help bring the Washburn community together as one. Part of the college experience is exploratory. So, what better way to explore and expand your experiences than trying out different genres of music? I don’t dislike metal, but I haven’t listened to very much of it either, so maybe I will discover a few hidden gems.

Music possesses the power to bring communities together and is a highly fitting theme for homecoming.

Edited by Jason Morrison, Abbie Barth, Jessica Galvin