Grand Theft Auto IV, Pope Benedict XVI make news

Deana Smith

Gaming Tidbits

Grand Theft Auto IV: The Cursed and the Damned is going to be available as exclusive downloadable content this month. If this wasn’t enough to get you interested, Rockstar has introduced two members of a biker gang you will be hanging with. They aren’t the boys next door, but Grand Theft Auto really isn’t known for that anyway.Sony Online Entertainment is gearing up to offer a safe and easy-to-navigate MMO Free Realms. This youth-friendly online game could be the perfect way to distract your little brother or sister from jumping straight into games like World of Warcraft and give you some free time. Free Realms is going to be available for the PS3 or PC and if it works like it says it should be the gateway to a whole generation of online gamers.

On the InternetsYouTube is known for having just about any video you can think of and a huge fan base. I guess this is why Pope Benedict XVI is getting on the wagon. Yes, the Vatican now has its own YouTube Channel. I can’t say I didn’t see this coming. The Internet is huge and I have to give it to the Pope for moving with the times because I am sure at least a portion of the 1.4 billion people online are rockin’ the Catholic faith.

Entertainment is goodIn a surprise to some, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” is at the top of the list with 13 Oscar Nominations. The highest grossing movie of the year, “The Dark Knight,” didn’t even get that many. “The Dark Knight” didn’t get the nod for best movie of the year, either (though Heath Ledger is nominated for his performance as The Joker). I may still be out on whether “The Dark Knight” is better than “Batman Begins,” but I am pretty sure the masses like it a lot better than “Benjamin Button.”