Snow Creek offers nearby skiing

Nicole Stormann

With meager snow left on the ground from this year’s insufficient winter flurries, there was little to no opportunity to actually enjoy winter. No fluffy white snow drifts and definitely no sledding. In order to get any snow around here this year, we just might have to make it. That’s precisely what they do at Snow Creek Peak Resorts in Weston, Mo.

More than 60 snow machines are at work to bring Snow Creek to life on a weekly basis. These machines can make up to a foot of fresh snow in 24 hours, which keeps the park covered in roughly 12-96 inches of man-made snow.

Skiing, snowboarding and snow tubing are available for all ages with or without equipment rental. A 300 ft. vertical drop is available for the advanced with the slopes being broken down into 30 percent beginner, 60 percent intermediate, 5 percent advanced and 5 percent terrain park. (

I’m no ski connoisseur but I thought the rates were reasonable, the staff was friendly and though I never made it past the “bunny slopes,” the skiing was incredible. With many options available for passes, including season, two day, one day, evening and 522, which is from 5 p.m.-2 a.m., it was good to mix it up for a day and do something I don’t get to do often.

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