Mabee Library opens doors

Kathryn Heger and Kyle Manthe

Mabee Library is hosting an open house event from 10 a.m. to noon Saturday, Sept. 21. The event is designed to welcome the families of all students to explore the library’s resources and participate in activities and games.

James Barraclough, lecturer for Student Success, was hopeful students will take advantage of the opportunities presented by the event.

“I hope the students can come into the library to get a sense of the support the students have,” said Barraclough.

This is the fifth year the library has hosted the open house event. The activities provided at this event are directed towards the students’ families and younger siblings to see the campus and understand what the students do on a day-to-day basis. Associate Dean, Sean Bird, said they are interested in teaching and supporting all of the students of Washburn University. The face-painting and story-telling activities will provide interaction for younger children on Family Day. They want to be family oriented to connect with the youth.

“I want the students and families to realize the opportunities and availability of resources held within the library,” said Bird. “It is important to connect to the children because 20% of college students have children.”

Barraclough mentioned he hopes there will be relationship building and family interaction at the open house. He hopes they will remember how useful the library can be for students and show their families they will always have this as a resource.

“The library is yours and belongs to every student,” said Bird.

Bird expressed the fact that students need the space and resources to succeed in school. The open house welcomes everyone to Family Day weekend at 10 a.m. Saturday Sept. 21 in Mabee Library.

Edited by Jessica Galvin