Attendance finally improving at Washburn games

Mike Ditch / Jr.

Based on my five-plus years of experience at Washburn (I’m in grad school here, so I’m not that lazy) I noticed there was always a great disconnect between the students and the athletic administration. My participation on Washburn’s golf team, and previous experience with the Review as a sports writer has allowed me to see the good that Washburn’s athletics program has to offer.

The staff, coaches and players do a pretty good job of representing the school. However, when your school is stuck between two Division I schools, one of which is known for its legendary basketball program, and another that has been a perennial contender in football (until recently), it seems as though Washburn would want to provide incentives to their student body to attend their games.

In years past, Washburn sporting events were highlighted by a free ticket and some dorky halftime contest. There were a few nuts dressed in blue, and everyone else was too afraid to cheer if nobody within a 15-seat radius wasn’t cheering as well.

It seemed as though the department preferred that the student body support their teams because, well, it’s Washburn’s teams. That would have been a great strategy if Washburn wasn’t stuck between the two Kansas universities, and wasn’t a division two school whose competition isn’t against a North Carolina or USC program.

I knew of countless students who chose to stay at home to watch KU ball up against the likes of Colorado instead of attending an MIAA conference clash between Washburn and our most despied rival, Emporia State.

Luckily, some students have realized that this issue needed to be fixed, and have taken measures to rectify the situation.

Bod Squad’s buzz on campus is significant. If you happen to be one of those students who prefers a KU exhibition game over a Washburn non-conference game (like me), I highly encourage you to check out a Bod Squad sponsored event/game.

Bod Squad does an excellent job in providing students with the opportunity to show off their Washburn pride, while also adding an enhanced value to the game itself. In a time where sporting events are aired live on television, can be TiVo’ed, replayed on YouTube, streamed in via website, or listened to on a radio, Bod Squad has done an excellent job of making it worthwhile to attend a live Washburn sporting event.

The next home games for the Bods and Blues are at 5:30 and 7:30 p.m. are Wednesday against Truman State, a match up Washburn is likely to win.

If you haven’t checked out a live WU basketball game yet this year, join me and let’s grab our free tickets and ask where we can find a Bod Squad member.