Kansas concert review

Nicole Stormann

To be at all honest, I had no idea that Kansas was even playing at White Concert Hall and was even hesitant when I was asked to attend. The truth is, as much of a music fanatic that I am, when it comes to classic rock my taste is slightly different. Upon saying that, I feel like I’m doing music an injustice. Classic rock is just that: classic. So I feel bad-ashamed even-to admit that my iPod blasts to a different beat.

As I sat in my aisle seat in Row M, taking in the multi-colored lights, the video cameras set at every angle and sounds of instruments being tuned to perfection, I prepared to compare their live performance to their “best of” CD I admittedly bought the night before. The show I got was legitimately better.

After 35 years, they have certainly mastered the art of performance.

I chuckled to myself when the violinist changed from a coat with tails to a vest sans shirt, but with arms like his I suppose he can pull it off. I was instantly impressed with their instrumental quality and the in-tune vocal harmonies. Pardon me, but for being “old,” these guys still knew how to rock.

Adding the symphonic orchestra made for a beautiful sound. The long intros and bridges that would normally have made me fidget with discontent were appropriately filled with riveting strings and brass.

All in all, I was happily surprised with how much fun I had and would even venture to say that this experience has broadened my horizons on classic rock.