Washburn graduate lands job with Gov. Sebelius

Richard Kelly

Some people set goals and never stop until they achieve them; such is the case for Beth Martino.

The Washburn University and University of Kansas graduate was hired as the new communications director and press secretary for Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, and assumed her position on Jan. 26th. Martino came from the Kansas Department of Labor, where she was the deputy secretary. Prior to that, she was the communications director. She worked there for the past five years before this new job opportunity.

Martino received a bachelor’s degree in political science at Washburn. From that point she knew she could go much further. She continued with graduate studies at the University of Kansas, where she earned a master’s degree in journalism in 2005.

“I’ve always tried to some goals for myself,” said Martino. “It challenges me to work toward them. I’ve been fortunate that whatever I set my mind to, I seem to have an opportunity to reach it.”

The interview process for communications director and press secretary began with an initial interview, which led to a call back to meet with the governor for a second interview. At that point, the decision was made to hire Martino. She said her duties for the position include talking to the press and being the “voice of the governor’s office.”

While at Washburn University, Martino spent time involved with the Washburn Student Government Association, which helped her earn leadership experience. She also was a member of the debate team and very involved with the communications department. Martino said she credits a lot of her success to Washburn.

“I don’t think at another school I would’ve had the same opportunities,” said Martino. “The size of the classrooms and the faculty at Washburn were really what helped me succeed in my time there. If I would’ve gone to KU first, it would’ve been so much harder because I was coming from a small town.”

Now that Martino has begun her new career, she said she was excited and it made her feel good after how much hard work she’s put in. She also explained the value of her parents help.

“My parents have always been such a great support. They’ve always seen me strive to do the best I can. I know now that I’ve gotten here, they’re just excited to see all the hard work there’s been pay off,” said Martino.