Topeka resident Gary Hunsicker operates archery shop from home, still hunts at 70

Eric Smith

Bowhunting is one of many activities that an outdoors person can take part in. And for 70-year-old Gary Hunsicker, a local bowhunter extraordinaire, it’s one of the best.

Hunsicker, a Topeka native and retired postal worker, has been bowhunting for more than 50 years and operates an archery store from his house called Gary’s Archery Sales. Hunsicker services compound bows and sells all sorts of bows and archery accessories.

An active member of the Topeka Bowhunters, Inc., Hunsicker is an accomplished outdoorsman who has participated in hundreds of competitions. He considers bowhunting just a hobby that he loves to participate in and help others with.

One of the main reasons Hunsicker enjoys bowhunting so much is because it is something the whole family can enjoy. Gary’s wife of 48 years, Carol, also enjoys bowhunting and helped Gary get started in the sport several years ago.

“She bought my first decent hunting bow,” said Gary. “That’s when we were going together in high school. She got me hooked. She’s often said that was a really big mistake.”

Many of the Hunsicker’s kids and grandkids are also avid bowhunting and archery participants. Carol attributes that to all the time they spent outside shooting their bows and arrows.

“When our kids were little, we spent many hours out at the archery range,” said Carol. “It’s good family time, and I think that it needs to get back to where people are spending more time with their families and enjoying their kids because they’re up and gone before you know it.”

For Carol, there are not too many things better than just sitting outside and listening to the sounds of nature.

“I really enjoy getting out and sitting in a tree and hearing all the birds and the squirrels and all that,” said Carol. “It’s just pleasant.”

For beginners looking to get into bowhunting or archery, Gary suggests finding a friend or neighbor involved in the sport and getting proper instruction about the equipment.