Advertising club on campus holds first meeting


Now available to students, the Washburn University Advertising Club plans to bring together students who have an interest in advertising, marketing, communications, art or anything that promotes a brand or idea. It gives students the opportunity to connect with people in the community who have the same interests. This club also offers Washburn students the chance to explore new internships, scholarships and mentorships. Meetings are once a week in Henderson, and there is a guest speaker at each one.

This month’s speaker, Linda Bull, talked about all of the exciting opportunities that students could participate in, such as different competitions that students can enter to help promote their work.

Glorianna Noland, junior mass media student spoke about how the club helps her excel in her interests.

“I’m excited about the opportunities for illustration, because it’s kind of rare in advertisements. It’s usually just like, logos and other things, but I’m trying to get that kind of thing. So I’m really excited because there’s very few people in the industry with the Topeka that specialize in illustration,” said Noland.

Both the students and leading sponsor have a lot to be excited about. Andrew Anglin, one of the professors in the mass media department, leads the club.

“So really, a lot of jobs, any jobs, of course, study hard, work hard, but it really helps to have allies out there. People that know who you are, know what you are, that you stand out from the competition, and this is a way to have that happen. Obviously, others in Topeka, as well as outside, want to help our students,” said Anglin. 

The advertising club is good for students interested in the field because it gives them the chance to participate in the community. The club was created to advance the students’ careers while in college.

Edited by Adam White, Jessica Galvin, Shelby Hanson