Washburn University alumni to exhibit work at Mulvane Art Museum

TOPEKA – Art work by 73 alumni of the Washburn University art department will be on exhibit April 18 to June 21 at the Mulvane Art Museum. The featured artists represent 18 states and the country of Malaysia and will show a variety of media ranging from painting, drawing and ceramics to printmaking, sculpture, glass and mixed media. The exhibit is sponsored in part by the Washburn Alumni Association. An opening reception will be 5 to 8 p.m. Friday, April 17, in conjunction with Alumni Weekend activities.Museum hours are 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday; 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday through Friday; and 1 to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. No admission is charged. The Mulvane Art Museum is located on the Washburn University campus at 17th and Jewell Streets, adjacent to White Concert Hall. For additional information, call 785-670-1124, e-mail [email protected], or go to www.washburn.edu/mulvane/. Artists participating are:

Ainsworth, Stephen A., Capitola, Calif., untitled, acrylic 2008.

Bauer, Timothy R., Topeka, “Moon Rise Over Kansas,” acrylic/oil 2006.Ayers-Berry, Avery, Topeka, “Rainy Day Balancing Act,” digital photo 2008.Barker, Kandis, Topeka, “Miracle Maker II,” hand-woven cloth; “Milagros,” votive prayer charms, 2008.Barr, Jennifer, Lubbock, Texas, “Presidential Pacifiers,” digital print 2008.Baer-Witt, Eugina, Paxico, untitled, ceramic with acrylic 2008.Bauer, Tim, Topeka, “The Man in the Moon,” acrylic/oil 2006.Berryman, Jason, Topeka, “Fontana Del Nettuno,” digital inkjet print 2005.Bingham, Elizabeth Jane, Topeka, “Male Nude,” charcoal 2008.Brooks, Julie, City of Industry, Calif., “Retire Tea,” ceramics, 2007.Brun, Christina, Wakarusa, “Shards of Light,” oil 2008.Byrd, Sue, Topeka, “A Falcon for Kim and Richard,” pencil 2008. Cohen, Cassandra, Topeka, “The Story of My Life,” glass and fibers 2007.Collins, Rebecca, Topeka, “October Sunrise,” photograph 2008.Campbell, Kathy, Lawrence, “Hope,” watercolor 2008.Corbett, Susie, Topeka, “Opportunikeys,” oil 2008. Duncan, Melody, Topeka, “The Bay Cabin,” mixed media 2008. Emert, Carol, Topeka, “Late Afternoon Walk,” collage and colored pencil 2008.Engelhardt, Laura, Topeka, “Wind & Wheat,” steel and stained glass 2004.Exon, Randall, Wallingford, Pa., “Hunter,” oil on panel 2009. Frakes, Edmund, Fremont, Calif., “The Last Iris,” oil 2008.Frantz, Mary, Topeka, “Shepherdess of the Dawn,” oil 2008.Freeman, Shawn E., Hutchinson, “Velox Music (Sabattier),” black and white photograph 2008. Garcia, Robert A., Topeka, “Vic & Pam,” pencil 2004.Gros, Carrie Jo, Topeka, “Fertility,” oil 2007. Hager, Michael, Topeka, untitled, woodcut and monoprints mounted on structures, metallic foil 2008.Hall, Phillip, Topeka, “Drive to Work,” mixed media 2006-08.;Hensley, Randall, Milford, Conn., “Auto (bio) graphy,” inkjet on paper 2008.Hughes, Kymm, Topeka, “Study of Boxes/Pieces of Life,” fused glass 2009. Jarvis, Jeri, Topeka, “I Squished a Bug,” steel, steel wire, paint 2008. Jones, Sandra, Topeka, “Sandia (Fall),” acrylic 2007.Jones, Nancy Deitrick, Topeka, “Pansies on Prince Edward Island,” oil 2007.

Kerle, Mary McCullough, Topeka, “Sycamore Mountain,” ink and dyed bark 2004.

Lavely, Tom, Shell Knob, Mo., “Mercedes,” pen/ink drawing 2004.Lutz-Michael, Jennifer, Topeka, “Swirling Flower #1,” digital image on vinyl 2007.Lybecker, Kirk, Portland, Ore., “Lunch at the CafĂ© Hysteria,” oil 2006.Lyons, Laura, Titusville, Fla., “Alternate Universe,” photograph 2008.

Marshall, Jake, Overland Park, “Daylilies,” watercolor 2007.Marstall, Clinton, Athens, Ohio, “Word Strainer,” oil 2008.McClain, Gweneth, Topeka, “White Rose,” oil 2008.McKinney, Marie Lamar, Mayetta, “Pink Houses,” photograph 2004-08McPeak, Thomas, Clemson, S.C., “Orange and Red Landscape,” oil on paper 2009.Mishler, Josh, Topeka, “DeVriendt’s Desirable ’46 Drop-Top,” photograph 2008 Mize, Michael, Topeka, “Abraham & Isaac,” acrylic on canvas 2008.Morales, Maria Raquel, Kansas City, Mo., untitled, ceramic 2007. Neuer, Beth, Topeka, “Baby Dear,” watercolor 2008.Nobo, Patricia O.F., Topeka, “Stops and Starts I,” monoprint 2008. Oh, Kyounghwa, Chester Springs, Pa., “Nature to Vessel #8,” porcelain 2008.O’Keeffe, Sara, Topeka, “Changing Foundations,” encaustic and dyed muslin and silk 2006. Parker, Thomas, Highlandville, Mo., “Egress,” mixed/sculpture 2007.Patterson, Jacalyn, Topeka, “La Fallas,” photograph 1994.Peters, Larry, Topeka, “Gray Marker 2,” noborigama wood fired stoneware 2007.Petersen, Heather, Hoyt, “Winding Trail,” black and white photograph 2008.Powell, Brooks Woollcott, Grand Junction, Colo., “Avery Peak,” oil 2006.

Radefeld, Beverly, Topeka, “Time to Boot Up,” mixed media 2008.Reed, Sharon, Tecumseh, “Rainbow Bridge,” mixed 2008.Reed, Steven, Topeka, “What Are You Doing Daddy and Mommy?” children’s book 2006.Reeves, Laurette Y., Monroe, Ga., “Sign of Spring in North Georgia,” acrylic/mixed media 2009.Rieger, Bobbie, Topeka, “Church Birds,” mixed 2005.

Sabatini, Judith Lennox, Topeka, “Stub,” black and white photograph 2006.Settle, Patricia, Port Ludlow, Wash., “Poppies with Latte & Strawberries,” acrylic 2008.Sheley, Alissa, Topeka, “Purple Flower,” acrylic on plexi 2007.Somers, Jennifer, Topeka, “Westward Bound,” black and white photograph 2008.Stevens, Phillip, Gilbert, Ariz., “Rob’s Shoes,” oil 2007.

Tse, Stephen, Medina, Wash., “Live and Death,” mixed media 2007.

Waterman-Peters, Barbara, Topeka, “MWS: SE5T, Celebrating III,” oil 2008. Weidner, Bill, Topeka, untitled, ceramic 2008.West, Bev, Lecompton, untitled, photo collage 2008.Whalen, Cynthia, Lawrence, “Edith,” oil 2008.Whitfield, John C., Lindsborg, “Ligon (Wind Vane),” metal 2007. Wilson, Lynn, Meriden, “Left Outside (To My Own Devices),” metal, wood, clay, organic material, plastic 2005-09.

Yeevia, Frankie, Subang Jaya Selangor, Malaysia, “Cubes 8,” porcelain 2007.Yoho, Carol, Topeka, “Glitzy,” photograph 2007.