Comedian Kyle Dunnigan clowns around

Brandon Bills

Comedian Kyle Dunnigan brought his comedy stylings to the Washburn Room of the Memorial Union on Tuesday night.

Dunnigan’s act is a mixture of observational comedy, characters and comedic songs.

“I like to mix it up with a little guitar or something,” said Dunnigan.

Dunnigan tackled topics ranging from the absurdity of “Cash for Gold” advertisements, to the difficulty men have removing their socks before sex without appearing unsexy to their partners.

To keep things interesting, Dunnigan interacted with audience members throughout the show, often singling out people who stood out in some way.

Audience member Heather Gelsinger was sitting next to the entrance in a lounge chair she brought in from the hallway. Dunnigan comedically chided Gelsinger for her laid-back appearance because she was wearing slippers to the show and typing on a lap top.

“It was awesome,” said Gelsinger. “I didn’t know what to say. I’m pretty sure I was red in the face.”

John Larsen and Garrett Love were late to the show because of an evening Spanish class. Despite entering through the back door and taking seats in the back row, Dunnigan called them out and asked why they were late.

“Spanish class,” said Larsen, yelling from the back row.

“Banjo class?” said Dunnigan, having not understood Larsen’s reply.

“No, Spanish,” said Larsen. He then yelled back to Dunnigan in Spanish.

“I told him he wasn’t funny, in Spanish,” said Larsen after the show.

Even this publication was subject to Dunnigan’s comedy. When he noticed a photographer from the Washburn Review taking photographs, he asked what the photos were for. The photographer replied that she was with the Washburn Review, the student newspaper.

“The Washburn Review? I fuckin’ hate that paper,” said Dunnigan, in a joking tone.

Dunnigan’s first attempt at stand-up comedy was during a high school talent show. That performance led to his suspension from school after his use of the word “penis.” He studied improv and sketch comedy for many years before seriously pursuing stand-up again.

Dunnigan has performed his stand-up act on “Comedy Central Presents,” “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” and “The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson.” He has acted in “Cedric the Entertainer Presents,” “Reno 911!” and “Howie Do It.”

In November, Dunnigan filmed episodes for the new season of “Reno 911!” which began Wednesday. He is also in negotiations with Hardees restaurants to bring back the commercials for milkshakes in which he shakes a cow.

Dunnigan is currently performing at comedy clubs and universities.

“Performing at colleges can be scary,” said Dunnigan. “You never know where they’re going to set you up.”