Speaker Brent Scarpo examines root of hate

Jennie Loucks

Transformational speaker Brent Scarpo came to Washburn April 9 to spread a simple idea: overcome hate with love. His presentation consisted of the movie “Journey to a Hate-Free Millennium: Stories of Hope and Compassion,” which he produced and directed.

The main question of Scarpo’s discussion was, “Where does hate come from?” Extremist sites are growing every day, and fear is everywhere, but why?

“In our society there is so much fear, when really we’re all seeking one thing, to love and be loved,” said Scarpo. “The question is, when it comes to hate in today’s society, are we part of the problem, or are we truly part of the solution? The problem today is that people see it as being easier to hate someone then trying to invest emotions into liking someone.”

In the present world, Scarpo said society has created an “anti” mentality, rather than one which is “pro.” Instead of pro-peace demonstrations, there are anti-war, anti-religion, and anti-race protests. There are so many people today, as well as in the past, whose main goal seems to be to create as much hate in the world as possible. In turn, we hate them back, completing a never-ending circle of hatred. Scarpo said there is no possibility of change unless this hatred stops somewhere.

Vonnita Elliot, a junior in attendance at the presentation felt strongly about the message the presentation brought.

“I just thought it was great, and we all just need to pull together,” said Elliot. “We need to support those who need our help.”