Echo Lake explodes onto scene

Hook echo Local band Echo Lake, composed mostly of Washburn students, is blowing through the Topeka music scene like an F5 tornado.

Brandon Bills

Echo Lake, Topeka’s rock-funk-blues quintet, is eager to rock the Celtic Fox this Friday, as well as help raise money for the Jayhawk Theatre.

Echo Lake’s current line-up came together earlier this year, but this is already their third show. At the Boobie Trap on April 10, Echo Lake performed for a packed house that would have made any fire marshal cringe. This time around they’re hoping for the same crowd, but for a good cause.

“Just lookin’ to have another fun gig,” said Matt Misrch, drummer. “Get people out there-hopefully interested in the Jayhawk Theatre revival. See if people want to donate some cash to get that thing up and running again.”

The band couldn’t pass up the chance to help bring back the historic theatre.

“I’ve heard stories from my parents about the Jayhawk Theatre and everything, so it’s pretty cool to take part in it,” said T.C. Gomez, saxophonist.

As musicians, they see the possibilities the Jayhawk Theatre might present to Topeka as a music venue in the future.

“There are not many places for bands to come in Topeka,” said Dave Hess, lead guitarist.

As for their own future, the members of Echo Lake hopes to devote more time to the band over the summer.

“We don’t have the time to become a solid unit during the school year,” said Mirsch.

Mirsch said the band members plan to spend time together to determine their direction as a band and write music. They also plan on playing more shows.

“Hopefully, once school kicks around we’ll be kicking on all engines and do a bunch of shows,” said Mirsch. “Everyone’s always complaining about nothing to do in Topeka. There’s stuff to do, it’s just about getting people involved. That seems to be the hardest part.”