Define Beautiful adds Christian music to Revival

Beautiful day Define Beautiful, a local Christian band, will be performing live at the Jayhawk Theatre Revival benefit concert on May 2. Photos courtesy of

Regina Budden

On May 2, the Celtic Fox in Topeka will see an interesting array of musical talents, all geared up in an effort to raise money for the Jayhawk Theatre, which will be reopening as a multipurpose entertainment center.

Among the bands performing will be Define Beautiful, a local band made up of three musicians.

Jeremy Hall plays Vox, guitar and piano, Ben E. serves as the bassist, and Josiah E. plays the drums for the band. Since the trio’s beginning, they have also added Eli Donley as manager and Jimmy Dunn as their “media man.” The band is new-they formed in 2008-but they have already performed in venues such as Journey Church on 21st and Gage.

Aside from the benefit concert at the Celtic Fox, they are also scheduled to perform again at Journey Church on May 8 and The Boobie Trap Bar on May 22.

The band is labeled as rock, Christian and pop, and they have a lineup of songs including “Contentment,” “Exhaling Beauty” and “A Wretch Like Me.” Their MySpace page,, announces that Define Beautiful can now be found on iTunes, and is available for downloads.

Define Beautiful have placed themselves into an interesting genre. Their music seems mellow and spiritual, but at times it features bursts of lyrics full of angst and frustration. It comes as no surprise that their list of influences includes God and John Mayer. It will be interesting to see their unique lineup Saturday.

The band members were unfortunately unavailable for comment.