Topeka tea party planned for tax day

Washburn Review

Tax day is rapidly approaching. So is “everyone finally woke up and realized Obama was spending a lot of money day.” The blogosphere and the cable news channels are abuzz with what is sure to be an interesting protest across the country: a modern era tea party to protest wasteful spending.

The original Boston tea party was a bunch of Revolutionary rabble rousers, including Samuel Adams, who dumped a shipful of tea into the Boston harbor to protest the Tea Act, which taxed British tea imports.

While taxes have gotten more complex, the general idea remains the same: a protest against taxes that go toward wasteful projects.

There will even be a protest in Topeka. According to TK Magazine, Americans for Prosperity-Kansas will host a Taxpayer Tea Party in North Topeka on April 15. It will be at a postal annex because on April 15, thousands of Topekans will be heading to the post office to drop off their taxes.

While this is a noble idea, we have to ask where were these folks when Obama and most of congress were proposing the spending of billions of dollars of taxpayer money? It seems that these folks have the democratic republican process backwards. The media, with all of its flaws, is supposed to inform voters about what their government is doing. With a little research, these folks could have known what their legislators and their president were advocating. Are we really ready for a revolution or are we just ready to actually start paying attention and properly participating in the democratic process? We are glad taxpayers and voters are speaking up, but where were they three months ago?