AMSA to host bone marrow drive at WU

Jennie Loucks

The second annual Bone Marrow Registry Drive at Washburn University will be held from 1 to 6 p.m. Friday, May 8 in the Washburn Room of the Memorial Union. The event is sponsored by the American Medical Student Association.

To participate, people may register a time slot online or simply show up on the day of the drive.

The registration process includes signing a consent form, filling out paperwork pertaining to medical history, watching a 10-minute informational video, and then submitting a cheek swab. All participants are then entered into the registry. When a participant’s name gets matched for a transplant from one of the 6,000 children and adults looking each day, he or she receives a phone call, and then may decide whether or not to accept the offer.

In order for AMSA to get funding this year to eliminate registration costs, the drive must bring in an equal number of minorities as Caucasians. Connell said that the goal for this year is to have more than 200 participants sign up. Students as well as members of the community are invited to participate.

“We are targeting minorities this year,” said Connell. “Minorities are more likely to match other minorities because they share the same racial and ethnic background.”

As well as finding the process quick and easy, participants will be offered a prize when they refer friends to the registry.

Students and community members can log on for friends, or have friends log on to, fill out their information, and enter a name of reference. Those who refer 15 or more minorities are automatically entered into the drawing. The person who ultimately refers the most will win the prize.