Kappa Comeback

Eric Smith

It’s been more than a year since the Washburn chapter of the Kappa Sigma fraternity lost its charter. While the fraternity has struggled to re-colonize, a group of freshmen have their minds set on bringing back the oldest fraternity on campus.

The newest wave of support for the fraternity, currently called the petitioning charter for Kappa Sigma, came last summer when two freshmen, David Render and Dlany Conny, were sparked with an interest to bring Kappa Sigma back. Conny said the interest came after being approached by Kappa Sigma alumni Greg Gaul as well as having known Kappa Sigmas at the University of Kansas and having a good experience with them.

From there, Conny and Render spent the fall keeping the organization small and quiet while just trying to gain the information necessary to accomplish such a large feat. In their gathering process, they learned that 25 members are required to start the process towards colonization and re-chartering.

“It’s a lot of work,” said Conny, president of the organization. “But in the end, with the amount of effort you put into it, the rewards are definitely worth it. I just think it would be definitely worth it to get [Kappa Sigma] back.”

This spring was really the coming out party for the group, and with around 10 realistic members and about another 10 on paper, their time and energy is paying off.

“As an advisor, I’m actually pretty proud of the students that have taken the time to bring this organization to campus because they’ve done it the right way,” said Jessica Neumann, assistant director of student activities and greek life. “They’re not going out and doing things that are inappropriate as a student organization or as a Greek chapter. They’re taking the time to learn the history of the organization and understand what they’re becoming a part of.”

Joining an existing fraternity on campus would have been much easier than starting something from scratch, but Conny said the learning experience has been fun and worthwhile.

“I’ve always been a fan of taking on challenges and stuff, and I definitely thought it would be an awesome thing to do,” he said. “Just like contributing even more to Greek life. Basically adding on like that base, that basic foundation that they have going right now.

“What I’ve always said is ‘only those who are willing to take great risks ever achieve greatly,’ so we just have to keep that in mind.”

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