MIAA postpones launch of 2009 webcasting

Press Release

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – MIAA commissioner Jim Johnson announced Tuesday that webcasting via themiaa.tv will be postponed indefinitely awaiting delivery of new technology and new content management by Penn Atlantic. The agreement between Penn Atlantic and the MIAA signed in January 2007 expired at the end of the 2008-09 academic year. Both entities have worked over the spring and summer to launch new technology and upgraded content delivery as part of the extension of the expired agreement.

The new technology and content management software and hardware will provide an enhanced viewer experience once it becomes available. However, events will not be broadcast until all technology is in place and tested and the conference can ensure proper delivery of content.

“It is certainly disappointing that this transition and extension of the agreement has been delayed,” Johnson said. “We know it is disappointing to fans, parents and MIAA alums. The conference staff and constituents at all member institutions are likewise disappointed.

“However, we want to make sure, beyond a doubt, that the delivery of content is appropriate and of the highest quality and continues to be available to viewers free of charge.

“We continue to look at all multimedia options to develop programming for MIAA fans,” Johnson added. “We hope to continue to bring events to fans in a variety of ways, including via the Internet. We must, however, ensure the appropriate agreements are in place to do that and not jeopardize the conference in any way by broadcasting events without such agreements.”

Some MIAA institutions may choose to broadcast events “in-house” over the next few weeks by making events available via institutional websites. Others may choose to provide live audio feeds of radio broadcasts or live stats for fans to follow the action via the Internet. Fans can check each institutional website for this information.