Gage rocks for youth

Crowded stage Echo Lake, a five-member guitar, bass, sax and drum ensemble, rocks a winning performance to a crowd of excited spectators. This stage prescence won Echo Lake first place in the Topeka Youth Project’s Battle of the Bands. Photo by Mallory Shehi.

Mike Goehring

Electrifying sounds and heavy vibrations moved through spectators as they gathered in front of Gage Stage on Saturday, Sept. 26, as Fear Not Tomorrow opened at the Topeka Youth Project’s 25th annual Battle of the Bands.

The battle of the bands was brought back to the Gage amphitheater after the 25 years of history in Topeka. The original show was in 1984 and was called Barefoot in the park where the winner walked away with a 60-ford mustang. The battle of the bands supports the Topeka youth project.

Fear Not Tomorrow brought their alternative sound and put on a very intense show. You could feel the energy the music was portraying through the thrashing solos and intense self-image. Next to take the stage was Shunga Nunga who brought three out of their five members to bring about a mellower atmosphere. Echo Lake, a Washburn-based band, added to the party with some funky music. Bringing their crap from the basement the Basement Buds presented their very own unique style. Next on the list was Head Change, who sounded similar to Kill Switch Engaged and was definitely a crowd favorite. A Weezer look-alike, Part Two, finished off the show with a fun performance.

Echo Lake took first place and was followed by Head Change who took second place. Echo Lake plays a lot of shows in Topeka but this was there second outside gig. “We didn’t expect to win we just wanted to come out and have a good time” said their drummer, Matt Mirsch, “it was amazingly awesome … yeah it was awesome.”