Tecumseh South visits campus

Ben Fitch

Seventy-five sixth grade students from Tecumseh South sat down to eat lunch today outside of the Memorial Union.

They were on campus to see “The Art of Mark Brown: A Retrospective,” an exhibit at the Mulvane Museum. They arrived at 10:30 a.m. to see the exhibit. Then there were activities to do in the lower level of the building. Later, the class had lunch and took a tour around campus.

“The museum donated a grant to fund bussing,” said Mrs. Brown, teacher, “which is really nice. Because of budget cuts, we don’t get to go on field trips very often.”

The fifth grade came yesterday.

“It was really cool,” said Alexis Ramos, 11, “we got to meet some really nice people. It was fun to do the crafts.”

Ramos said she would like to go to Washburn when she is older.

The “Art of Mark Brown” exhibit is up until Sept. 13 in the Garvey Fine Arts Center.