Update on e-mail status as of 9/01/09 8:00 p.m.

Washburn University

This is an update on the status of the email system.

During most of the day, we have been sending email messages from a holding area into the email server. As of this hour, all 220,000 messages have been delivered to email boxes. We are no longer holding email for delivery.

Earlier today, we turned up limited email service to about 100 computers on campus. The results were good. We saw no anomalous behavior as messages were sent and received. We believe restoration of full email service is now possible. Email will be available to all users by 9 PM this evening.

When accessing your email box, you will notice some messages are missing from your folders or inbox. To speed up the return of email, many individual messages were not restored. This mail will be restored over the next several days.

Please note the following:

· The process we use to restore the mail will make most of your messages appear as unread. This is to be expected.

· If you don’t see a folder or folders that you are expecting, you may need to re-subscribe to the folder. Listed below are instructions for subscribing to folders in Thunderbird and Outlook.


1. Right click on the folder name above Inbox

2. Click Subscribe

3. Place a checkmark next to any folder that is not checked, click Subscribe click OK.

4. This should make the folders visible to you. You might have to log out and log back in.


1. Click on TOOLS > IMAP FOLDERS or Right click on any folder in the IMAP account when looking at structure of account in Mail Folders window.

2. IMAP FOLDERS window, click on QUERY

3. Highlight all folders you want to subscribe to and click SUBSCRIBE

4. Click OK to apply and close the window

5. You might need to close and reopen OUTLOOK after changes to make them apply

All other systems continue to be functioning within acceptable parameters. If any additional problems are occurring, please notify us at 670-3000.

We plan another progress update around noon tomorrow, Wednesday, September 2.