VIDEO: Ichabod Race contestants run to assemble hat

Richard Kelly

Topeka-Wet grounds and cold conditions didn’t stop anyone from running to ten stops around campus Tuesday night.

The annual Ichabod Race, sponsored by WSGA, took place in midst of a wild week of homecoming festivity. The event was essentially a scavenger hunt around campus in which teams of at least three members had to collect 10 puzzle pieces and arrange them to create a top hat.

As the 11 teams travelled around campus, each had clues that would lead them to their next puzzle piece. The event itself had an hour limit and each team started at 7 p.m. and had to return by 8 p.m.(story continued below)

Media Credit: Brian Dulle

Most teams could be seen sprinting their way around campus to get back first. The “prizes” of the event were points that will be compiled with points from other homecoming events. The eventual victor will be crowned when all events are through. Fraternities and sororities are eligible to win a trophy.

The first contestants arrived about halfway through the time designated for the event. The team was composed of Alpha Delta fraternity members. Most said they sprinted the entire time.

“We actually went to two wrong places in the competition but we sprinted the whole time. We just wanted to have a good showing for Alpha Delta,” said sophomore Randy Morehead.

Delta Chi, who was the last team to finish in time last year, came in second place. They definitely had an easier time with the event this year, but also gave a greater team effort.

“We don’t settle for less than the best,” said Delta Chi member Kyle Volle.

Many of the teams arrived with time to spare. Nine teams finished in the hour. Some came in right before the time expired. Even the teams that lost still saw positives in the event. Jane Billinger of Zeta Tau Alpha was a part of one of those teams.

“We knew it was going to be difficult. And even though we probably could’ve quit, at least we got points for finishing,” said Billinger.