PT’s Coffee Roasting Co.

Service with a smile: Sara Johnson and her team of Baristas work swiftly to ensure that the customers receive fresh coffee right on time during the lunch rush. Johnson has worked at PT’s Coffee for 12 years. 

DeyJa Cardenas

For 26 years, PT’s Coffee Roasting Co. has been cultivating and encouraging the diversity of Topeka through the simple transaction of a smile and a cup of freshly-brewed, eco-friendly coffee.

The company originated in Topeka and is located at the corner of 17th and Washburn across from the Kwik shop.

It wasn’t until the year 1993 when the idea of PT’s Coffee was finally brought to life by Jeff Taylor and Fred Polzin. The idea sparked over a conversation about how coffee can be better. They initially came to the conclusion that coffee tastes best when it’s fresh from the farm it is grown in.

It wasn’t until four years later that the direct trade program established a partnership with PT’s Coffee, hence, where the term, ‘green coffee’ comes to play. The company has a loyalty to purchase the beans straight from the farm in which they were harvested and to send those beans to PT’s Coffee. The majority of the coffee brewed at PT’s is straight from the direct trade program.

The direct trade program partners shop owners with farmers to produce farm-fresh ingredients. In his case, PT’s Coffee partners with farmers in Panama. The owners of PT’s Coffee visit the farms up to three times a year around Harvest season. PT’s Coffee’s appreciates the friendship that they’ve created because it strengthens the coffee partnership that they have with their suppliers in Panama.

The dedicated hard workers who own the farm where the coffee beans are grown were excited to partner with PT’s Coffee in hopes that they can share the richness of freshly brewed beans with Topeka.

If you are a student, you will receive a 10% discount on your purchase. PT’s Coffee also has a stars loyalty program. The stars loyalty program is when you enter your phone number for every purchase that is $5 or more before tax, and you get a star. After you receive ten stars you will receive $5 off our next purchase.

PT’s Coffee offers a wide variety of flavors in all drinks. All syrups are made in house. All smoothies are 100% natural, gluten-free and vegan. They offer lunch items as well as locally brewed beer. The hours are ideal for students as 80% of the employees at PT’s Coffee are students.

The shop also recently introduced an open mic night every third Thursday of the month and everyone is welcome to join. Sign up to read poetry, sing or play music at 6:30 p.m., and the open mic starts at 7 p.m.

Sara Johnson has dedicated 12 years of her life as a barista at PT’s Coffee. She received her Associate degree at Washburn University while battling cancer years back. Sara now has a 7-year-old son, Jasper.

Johnson explained that her 12 year dedication to PT’s Coffee stems from the friendships she created and the dedication she has in strengthening bonds with her co-workers and customers. Johnson loves the energy of PT’s Coffee and she loves seeing the familiar faces of students.

“I give them all of my kindness.” said Johnson. She went on to explain that if a customer is having a rough day, she had the power to help them.

“They walk out of the door and they drink their delicious, high-quality coffee and you were nice to them, you can completely 180 flip their day around.” said Johnson.

She will continue to share her positive energy to customers at PT’s.

Edited by Shelby Hanson, Adam White, Jessica Galvin