Washburn Review

10/04/09 -Hit and Run accident, Parking Lot 9, report taken, photos taken

10/06/09 – Info. report, assist outside agency, LLC, report taken, assist looking for wanted suspect, not found

10/06/09 – Info. report, suspicious activity, Parking Lot 1, report taken, referred to Dean of Students

10/07/09 – Criminal damage to property, Washburn Institute of Technology, report taken, photos taken

10/07/09 – Theft of vehicle license tag, Parking Lot 9, report taken, entered into NCIC

10/07/09 – Hit and Run vehicle accident, Parking Lot 1, report taken, surv. video checked, no evidence value

10/08/09 – Info. report, alcohol violation, LLC, report taken, one sent to city attorney, one sent to DA, two given notice to leave

10/09/09 – Info. report, theft, felony, LLC, report taken

10/12/09 – Info. report, harassment off campus, Morgan Hall, report taken, advised to contact Topeka police