YouTube pick of the week: Bacon sizzles

Matt Wilper

This week’s YouTube pick is “Bacon is good for me.”  This video is a little bit on the old side; about a month ago a friend in meteorology told me that I have to watch this video.  I did and I laughed my ass off. Not to mention all the great quotes within it. 

“Bacon is good for me” comes from ABC’s “Wife Swap.” Joy (a fitness and nutrition expert) and Curtis (a boy who loves junk food) start to fight after Joy begins cleaning out the fridge, throwing out junk food like chocolate and cheese-in-a-can. All hell breaks lose when Joy gets some bacon and tosses it. This sends Curtis into a frenzy and he starts yelling, “Bacon is good for me.”

All right, Curtis, you tell us bacon is good for you, but it has done nothing for your looks. Take your hair for example: it looks like someone threw a bowl on top of you head and cut whatever hung below it. You should tell your mom to take you to a barbershop next time.

Curtis might have bad hair, but he is smart.  He already knows the purpose of high heels. Most kids his age are trying them on, but he already knows that they were designed so women can’t run. He just doesn’t understand that usually men are the ones doing the chasing.

Watch this video. I don’t think that you will regret it. If anything, it will distract you from doing your homework for two minutes. ‘Til next week, stay classy, Washburn.